Old Navy Euphoria

July 31, 2002

Just got back from lunch at, where else but Mc Donalds. I don’t have to work today, well I was scheduled to work actually but they messed up the schedule somehow. That’s okay with me walopun sebenernya pingin banget kerja, hihi..cause yesterday was MENYENANGKAN sekali at work. *biasa lah masih baru lagi semangat2nya*.

Anyway, I was amazed with how enthusiastic the customers were with the opening of old navy in this area. I worked at the fitting room last night..and almost every customer were telling me that they were so happy that this store is finally open and that they don’t have to drive all the way to the one at south county, or olive or ladue anymore. Gue juga seneng sih waktu tau mereka mo buka, tapi seneng karena pingin kerja disitu, bukan pingin belanja, hihi. Anyway, ternyata seru juga yah di fitting room itu cause I got to see a lot of different people *the customers who are willing to purchase are most likely visit the fitting room first, right?* Dan orang sini tuh bener2 deh kalo nyoba baju nggak tanggung tanggung…7 or 8 clothes sekaligus gitu, and end up with buying only 1 or even not at all. Trus mereka tuh ternyata banyak nanya yeee, banyak yang pada nanya2 ”do you know what kind of shoes would go with this skirt?” or “do you think I need a bigger size or this one looks fine?” or “Is this shirt match my pants?”..dan masih banyak lagi lain lainnya….lucu juga sih gue udah serasa fashion expert gitu…hihi. Baru 3 jam kerja aja kemaren udah banyak hal2 yang menarik dan lucu lucu…..apalagi besok2 yaah??…*nggak sabar*

OK deh..I need to do some errands now, need to go to the bank to the deposit my paycheck *alhamdulilaaah akhirnya ada isinya juga bank account gue..huehe*. Harus ke post office juga to send the rest of the documents to complete my mba application, trus tadi udah revised my resume, it looks better now. Trus juga benerin the gallery page walopun belom semuanya ada linknya siih…:P

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