Hot News

July 20, 2002

Thought of sharing the entertainment news I heard today with you…….

- Britney Spears apparently has a fan at the white house cause her Webmaster noticed that there’s a visitor with the president office’s IP address hit the site. Huehe..slow day at work, eh?

- T’nyata…the 4 casts of Sex and the city hate each other so much in real life. Especially Carry and Samantha.. who would’ve thought that??.. Kudos to all of them deh yang still act professionally despite all the drama.

- Angelina Jolie is back on the market!!. Anybody interested??

- Iverson..*hihi, actually this is more like a sport news* is in trouble yet again. This African American badass just can’t stay away out of trouble. Hopefully the police will just leave him alone cause it ain’t fun watching the sixers if he ain’t playing

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