New Fish

July 29, 2002

huaah..akhirnya bisa ngerasain nyantai2 di rumah lagi deh setelah di bajak old navy. I practically nggak pernah liat matahari these past couple of days..*read: brangkat subuh pulang mid-night* . Badan gue sekarang pegel2 semua gara gara ngangkat2 box yang ada berjuta juta itu. Seriously, i'm not exageratting here...we got 3 trucks worth of shipments to fill the entire store yesterday. Jadi kemaren itu gue berkutat dengan baju baju *i love the smell of new clothes by the way*, hangers...and folding and folding, dan sebelum trucknya dateng kita tuh yang assembling shelf nya gitu, dealing with all the hardwares... I got bruises all over my body now..=(. Tapi untung sekarang semuanya udah selesai and the store will be open tomorrow..*pheww*

By the way, i have 10 discount cards with me now, we have this.."family and friends week from august 5 - 12*. So each employees got ten of 20% off discount card to be given away. Kalo ada yang mau..let me know, you could shop online too.

Nduti got a new fish, this time is a goldfish and hopefully this one is going to last long...*amiin*. Anyway, the cable guy came yesterday to hook up the digital cable. I got a digital cable long time ago but then decided to downgrade it since i don't watch that much TV anyway. Tapi sekarang since the rate for the analog is gonna be higher next month, i might as well just re-upgrade it to the digital...soalnya cuma beda dikit gitu. And today is sunday, so sex and the city will be on tonight....woohoo!!

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