July 09, 2002

i'm at the public library in central west end.. hihi...another lite day at work so i got off early...payah deh orang orang liburnya kok di bablasin gitu?...anyway, i totally forgot that i supposed to have an interview with office team at one o 'clock this afternoon. I have canceled the first appointment and re-scheduled it for today..*i scheduled it long time ago when i was still looking for a job*. i've been meaning to call them to cancel it cause what's the point of coming to their interview anyway? i got a job now, even though it's only temporary but i have secured a permanent job which will start end of this month...but i kept forgetting to cancel it somehow. I am sure they are really pissed at me, especially the lady who's been calling me and scheduling the interview back and forth for me...hihi..i bet she would have ripped me to shreds if she sees me. ah...gotta go now.....

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