Good 'ol Carbondale

July 20, 2002

Went to Carbondale yesterday..for those who don’t know, Carbondale is a place where I went to college, I spent the last 3.5 years of my life there. It is a plain old college town and famous for its party school image and Halloween riot, hehe..*the good old days*. Well when thousand of students stranded in a town surrounded by cornfields and no skyscrapers in sight, that’s when alcohol plays a major role. Anyway, but now the university has been trying really hard to erase its party image though..i’m not sure if they’ll ever drastically changed people perceptions, but they have hired an outside marketing agency to somehow repositioning its image. The dean even went overboard with his program to ban alcohol from the area..huhu..jelas jelas aja semuanya pada protes.

Anyway it was good to come back to Carbondale yesterday, it’s only been like 2 months since I’ve moved out of there but already I miss it, I miss my campus life, I miss being in a classroom, I even miss my classmates..*I wonder where they are now..*. I didn’t see anybody in particular yesterday though, but I saw Alanda and chatted with her a little bit. Hmm…I know there were days when I bitched about being in Carbondale…but now that I look back, I am glad that I experienced the life I had back there. I appreciate what I’ve gone through every single day there and I think I’ve learnt a lot..(not only academically, but also about life in general) that I don’t think I’d get it anywhere else and I also met some interesting people there.

Well..the reason I went there yesterday was because I had to take care a lot of things. I got a lot of paperwork needed to be done, I needed to go to administration office to get the outstanding student form signed by them so I can get a discount for my insurance..*I was in dean’s honor list last semester…yay*. I also needed to get my transcript and….I also had to go to the health clinic to get my shot. The university wouldn’t release my diploma until I’ve received the tetanus shot…*kaya bayi aja yaa…*. Apalagi waktu di nurse officenya, after she gave me the shot she was like..”hey you did good…you want a sucker?”..hehehe..asli berasa kaya balita banget..:P..masa di tawarin lollipop.

Anyway…enough about Carbondale kali yee…..! I had my first training at old navy last Wednesday. I was trained in the south county store which is quite far from where I live..and I was quite surprised when I saw the size of the store cause that’s like the biggest old navy store I’ve ever seen. It is h.u.g.e, but it’s only 1 level though, not like the flagship store they have in major cities. Anyway, so I got my discount card right away, hehe…but I haven’t used it though cause I actually don’t really shop at old navy, well sometimes they do have cute stuff but most of them are pretty basic. Oh iya..kan discount cardnya bisa di pake di GAP and Banana Republic....but i don't really shop there either except for the perfume and body lotion.....but hey nduti can use it..and dince will be more than happy to use it...hehe *ya nggak din?*..

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