America's corporation

July 23, 2002

Work was OK today, it wasn’t as hectic as last week, asli deh kemaren itu sibuk banget sesibuk2nya cause my boss is on vacation to panama city this week, so we were trying to straighten everything out before he leaves otherwise it’d be like hell at the office. A lot of checks to be printed and mailed, phone ringing off the hook from vendors asking for the payment, a lot of invoices needed to be sent, I also had to call some companies regarding vendors reference check, etc2. And then there’s this Kmart project which is taking up my time. We’re trying to file for petition to get our share cause Kmart has been fraudulently charging us for things that we didn’t do. Everytime we shipped something, their distribution center always complained that they got the stuff late and charged us for that when in fact the shipment got there on time but they are so backed up that they processed everything late. And not only that, they also charged us for damaged products, or missing labels and all that. Of course it’s okay for charging us automatically if that’s the truth but the thing is they have never given evidences. So they have charged us for like ..I don’t know, a huge amount of money since we first doing business with them. Dan ternyata, they do this to their other vendors a lot of companies will be joining for the petition…*gotta fight for what you deserve!!* So this is an extra work for me since I have to search through the files, study the data, compile the reports and all that..

Anyway, that’s what I know about big corporate America, they do whatever it takes to be on top, even if that means taking filthy actions and make their clients/customer suffered. And don’t let me start with MCI…ooh don’t you know how glad I am to see them going down?? Each of them can kiss my ass now…..

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