Life is good

July 17, 2002

I just got back from a job interview with unionplanters. That was my second interview with them, I had the first one around 3 weeks ago with the human resource department, and I thought they have crossed me off the list since I haven't heard from them again since, but last week one of the branch managers called me and asked me to come today for the second interview.

I don't think I did a good job on the interview though, there were 2 people interviewing me simultaneously, well they are kinda nice actually..but I don't know, I guess it's the office, the environment…it's so corporate setting, jadinya nggak nyantai gitu.

Well anyway, I don't really care about how it went anyway cause I got myself a job and I went there only to see what else is there for me, if I can get my self a better career opportunity why not go for it? Kalo dapet yah di liat2 lagi which one is better, kalo enggak ya no problemo cause sebenernya I don't really like the location anyway. I mean it's nice to have an opportunity to work at union planters but the thing is the branch that they have opening is the one that kinda like a neighborhood bank, you know what I mean? So it's kinda quiet, most of the customers are the people who live around the area. Sedangkan gue.. I prefer the location where it's busy, a lot of people in and out, somewhere downtown or other business district lah. Well..we'll see..

Anyway, hari minggu kemaren…we went to dina's, ngumpul2 aja soalnya Lia and Rommy mo pindah ke Delaware..they're leaving next week. more bakmi GM deh, cause she's good at that!! Anyway, last Sunday was a day to remember for me cause something was happening back home, right in my house, in my living room..something that I've been waiting to happen since god knows when…..soo…woohoo life is good..=)

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