July 10, 2002

It's still 5 months away from December...yet the airplane ticket to go home are selling out quickly. Yesterday, i called some of the indonesian travel agents to check and compare the ticket fares, i thought i was too early to ask about it and oh boy was i wrong??..cause they're all fully booked already that they even have to put me on the waiting list. I know there are more options if i want to depart from either west or east coast because the airlines that offer Chicago-Jakarta routes are only JAL and SQ. For those who plan to go home end of this year, you better hurry guys!

Anyway, i called my credit card company just now, pretending that i was about to close the account cause the APR rate is so high i couldn't afford it anymore..hehe, actually i was hoping that they would offer to lower my APR and it worked people...!!. The customer service offered me to cut my APR to half of the current one..hohoho, just what i wanted!! My job to pay off the balance is a little bit easier now..woohoo...

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