July 07, 2002

arrghh, i need to vent here. Bank of America is officialy in my blacklist now. I just opened an account with them a couple of weeks back and this afternoon was my first attempt to withdraw cash from their atm machine. So i used my bank of america atm card to withdraw money from bank of america atm...and guess what happened???...they charged me!!!! they fuckin charged me for using their atm, how fuckin retarded is that????? I mean i can understand if some banks charge us for using their atm if our atm card is from a different bank. But this? fuck this, I don't need this...!!!. I am so closing my account, way too many hidden charges...cause I just remember that they also charged me everytime my balance is lower than required. That is plain pathetic...!!...arrrghh... Anybody know where i can get a free checking account???

Anyway, on a lighter note though.....i got the job at old navy...=), they called me yesterday when i was at the office...so i'm gonna work for their new store which located just next to my apt complex..woohooo, it'll be open either end of this month or early next month. An intense training will be given for me starting july 17. Now i need to figure out how to tell Sheila that i'm gonna resign from the office?..hmm...

I'm not going anywhere today, padahal di luar lagi enak banget, not like the past couple days....skarang yang lagi windy2 gitu, but i don't feel like going out. Kemaren ke marshalls..with nduti and dina...dapet jeans..low rise and flare..very well fitted jeans, bener2 yg pas banget i don't need to bring it to the alteration house...for only ...taraaaa...*drum rolls please*...6 bucks sajaaa!!!..hihihihi, am i an excellent bargain hunter or what?? then we had dinner at tachibana...

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