Feeling so strong

January 24, 2002

I'm tired..i really do, i woke up at a 7 o'clock this morning as i had class at 8. That is the earliest class i have so far since i've been here. When i was in Perth, i had so many early classes, i think i had one that started 7.30 and i lived quite far away from campus, i actually had to take 2 busses to go there, and the bus stop was not right in front of the campus either, it took me like 10 minutes to walk from the bus stop to the campus. Sure it was a long journey but looking back..i don't think i complained much about it, in fact i was kinda enjoying the morning view and morning ritual that i had to go through..such as, you know..went to the small deli at the station in the city, bought a small carton of chocolate milk, and also chicken and cheese corn dog for breakfast *no wonder i was so ballooned last time*. My favorite part of the morning ritual was the trip itself, especially from the station in the city to the campus, my favorite seat on the bus was on the justify side by the window...and as far away from the driver so he couldn't caught me eaiting my breakfast *hehe*.

On the way to the campus, we always passed the swan river and no matter how often i've been driving pass the river, it still gives me the best feeling inside... something called peace. I miss Perth a lot you know, i know it wasn't the best city in the world but it still my favorite place and one day..i promised to go there with nduti and show him every bit of the place.

i dreamt about ibnu exactly a week ago, and it was in two consecutive days. It wasn't a nice dream, really...because i dreamt that he was so sick and just so thin and so weak, i felt really bad when i woke up..i felt like something must be happening and i was planning to call home but...i don't know why i just didn't, i guess i forgot or something. Two days later, my mom called..i sensed something wrong right away...she rarely calls me so when she calls..it must be something somewhat important. So i picked it up..and it's true..ibnu had been sick for like 5 days, he got a fever, his temperature was pretty high, he caught a cold and it was just bad. Oh my god..i was so scared, i just couldn't see or hear a little kid get sicks, it must be hard for them to fight with the desease. But thank god he's okay now..and that's just what i need to hear...*i love him so bad*.. So..whatelse..can't think about anything else right now. i'm just gonna lie low on my bed...

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