January 08, 2002

Hmm..don't know what to do?. I guess i'm bored..well no i am not, i just don't feel like doing things that i'm supposed to do. You know, school starts in a week and i still have a bunch of stuff that needs to be done. For example is building a simple webpage for storing my resume and personal info. Since i'll be graduating this may, it is very essential for me to get my resume ready...i need to start looking for a job or an internship soon...and of course to make me look professional and hi-tech, i need to have my resume online. It's not that i haven't started at all, i did...and it's halfway done but i'm way too lazy to click on the dreamweaver icon and work on it. Another stuff that i need to do is building ISC website..well it's actually not my job, it's dendre's but i understand that he's busy so i will take over the responsibility. Argus has asked me about the website since more than a month ago and i always promised him that it'll be done in a matter of few days. i haven't even started on it and i still have no idea about the layout. Other things that needs to be done in this winter holiday is looking for graduate school..well not exactly looking cause i have no other choice except siu edwardsville and marryville university, but at least i need to know and write down a lot of information that i need to know..what the requirements are, when are the deadlines, the tuition fee, the classes and everything.

See, i told you i have a lot of stuff to do, i still need to get the ASAF website done, it is actually done but it still need a finishing touch up here and there, and about klikmarketing website??..And also how about the letters for mom, dad and Hana..??. Man, up until now, i didn't realize how lazy i am, i mean i have absolutely nothing to do in the past 3 weeks and i'm all alone at home during the day, giving me a full internet/computer access to do all my things. But what have i done..??...yupe, exactly...nothing!!. Oh..i really really have to start working on my stuff tomorrow. I'll promise you, when i write an entry here tomorrow...i'll be like..oh i finally done with this and that..and bla bla bla....hehe

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