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January 17, 2002

I just got back like half an hour ago and i feel so exhausted..it's not like i had a lot to do..maybe i feel tired because i just haven't consumed the food i need for today. I had my usual frozen food for lunch this afternoon, but turned out that it didn't taste as good as it used to..maybe it was expired or something..so i just ate half of it and then i went to 710 to buy some of my textbooks...*i couldn't afford to buy all at once*. I went to Marilu's place right after that to give her the finance book and the calculator she wants to buy from me...*i need the money* . Since it was my first time to come by her place, and since they just moved in..so i stayed there..looked around and chatted for a while, paula was there too. Since i was planning to go to walmart first before i hit home so i asked them if they needed to buy something from walmart. And yes they did..they just moved in so they still have a lot of stuff to buy. The three of us then went to walmart together. There was a funny incident while we were there...since each of us had our particular stuff to buy, we went separate way...when marilu and i were done shopping and have checked out..we waited for Paula just near the optic. We waited there for quite a while but she still didn't showed up yet, so marilu went inside to look for her. Well..it's a big ass walmart we have here in carbondale so it's kinda hard to look for someone inside, pluait was crowded too. So Marilu came back to me with an empty hand. But then a second later, her cell phone was ringing. Turned out it was Paula calling from the payphone just a few steps from where we stood..haha..gimana sih..

At the time i got back from walmart, i still haven't eaten anything beside that bad-tasting fettucini..so i was hungry as hell. I just bought this other frozen fetuccini, but this one has grilled chicken on it..it looks good on the package. So i went to the kitchen and microwaved the thing....and when i tasted it..hmm..it taste okay, not as good as i expected though...and i definitely would not want to buy it again. Maybe today is just not my good day...i haven't got a decent meal for today and my stomach is growling. Oh..did i tell you that i went to the wrong classroom this afternoon?. yes it was rather embarassing at first but i was relieved that one one knew about that, except for the one girl whom i asked "is this b2b class?"..and she said "no, it's an antrophology class". Oh migawd..i got up and justify the classroom right away, huhh...no wonder i didn't notice any familiar faces in that class. So, i thought they changed the classroom or something so i went to rehn hall to check for it, turned out it wasn't at pullium hall, it was in quigly..i don't understand why in the world i wrote down pulliam in my notes where it was supposed to be quigly...oh well. So..yea it's true that today is not going my way.

Here goes another example..i didn't know that we need to sit at the exact spot we sat on monday..so everybody sat at the same place today as they were last monday and since i didn't come on monday, i could only choose the seat that was still available, and it wasn't very many of them since it's a crowded class. So the instructor just kinda pointed at one seat ..it 's in the 2nd row and in the middle of everybody. It's not my favorite spot at all, it's also very incovenient for me since i've never liked to be in the middle. Wherever i sit, be it in the car, in the classroom, in the airplane, in the theather or wherever..i always choose the one on the justify or right end..i don't like the idea of being in between. I don't know why...it's just me i guess..

After i got out of my communication class, i went to rehn hall to change the section...i wrote down section 001 on my registeration paper, and then as usual..that black guy processed my registeration through the computer and gave me the print version of my schedule and said that everything was taken care of. Taken care of my ass...because when i left rehn hall..i found out that he typed in 002 instead of 001, so that was not even the section i wanted to join..oh man i was so pissed at him, that new guy is soooo slooow like a snail, there was a long line at the registeration table and he still typed and moved in a slow motion...i just can't tolerate slow moving people. Not only he is slow, he can't even do his job. SO, because of his sluggishness, i had to go back in line and asked him to change that.

Poor me.. As if those i mentioned above is not enough to make my day miserable, because when i saw Donna on the way to the kitchen..i asked her about her business communication notes. She promised me that she will give all of her notes to me. And that will saves me a lot of trouble..since i am planning of skipping most of the classes...but..well oh well..maybe i just have to attend the class myself since she has thrown all of her notes away. Apparently she forgot that she promised to give them to me....

That's still not everything though. That's not all that irritates me today, there was something else. I was lying nicely on my bed...flipping through the channels looking for WSIU because i wanted to see the basketball game. But it seemed that i couldn't find the damn channel, isn't that strange?? I mean it's carbondale and it's an SIU town but how come ambassador hall doesn't have their one and only local channel??. argghh...

I guess that's all for now. I am munching on del monte golden sweet corn as i write this log entry...it's yummy though, the best thing i've had for today

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