Two can play that game

January 15, 2002

We watched that movie last night. The storyline is about the 10 days program on how to punish your boyfriend, it was a simple movie, easy to follow and relaxing ..especially if you don't feel like watching a complicated or twisted movie. We had a good laugh throughout watching the flick.

I know I am supposed to be in class right now, I have 3 today; business to business marketing, international marketing and business communication. I hope we didn't do anything important in class. Usually, during the first class, the teacher only giving out the syllabus to the student and highlighting what to expect from the class. That's why i easily decide to skip classes altogether today. I'll be skipping classes again tomorrow, hehe..i know i shouldn't do that too much, but tomorrow is also the first day for tuesday and thursday classes, so..again i don't think i'll be missing a lot of information. Well, let's see about that tomorrow..if i can get to carbondale before the class starts, i might as well go to class.

Friday night, we went to outback steakhouse to see Dina and Jani, they were having dinner there and invited us to come along so we went there to join them even though we just finished our dinner and still had such a full stomach...hehe. We had a good talk and a good laugh together, dendre and i ordered a brownie that covered with ice cream dessert...and it was sooo goood.

We arrived Carbondale on saturday afternoon, we ate kahala, went to walgreens to develop the picture ..-oh i love the picture, they are indeed pretty pictures, i'd love to scan all of them-. We went to see the basketball game at was a good game and we won the game *yohoo*, i am becoming a salukis fans now. There are more game coming up for the salukis, in fact there is one this wednesday i think..but it's a school night and dendre won't be able to drive over there..oh he's on call too...!. Bad timing..

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