Get to know your self

January 18, 2002

I found my old textbook from the health class to took a long time ago in john a logan. The book consists of a lot of useful things, it helps you in getting to know more about yourself, --from Love to Self-Responsibility to discovering your senses, your feeling, the way you think, what you think of sex, how well you communicate with others, how good you are in terms of expressing your feeling and so on and so forth-- that's why i didn't sell it back from the first place, i thought it would be worthwhile keeping it.

Anyway, so i was trying to answer the list of the questions in the book...i was feeling it..ready to explore the true me..=). But..hmm..considering it's kinda late right now..and time for me to hit the bed...maybe i'll save this for tomorrow. How about that?. Or should i do a few of those first and continue the rest tomorrow? Hmm, let's see...i have to wake up at 7.30 tomorrow, and now is half hour to midnite, that means if i sleep now..i'm gonna have 7 1/2 hours to sleep and that's just about enough, i usually required myself to get 8 hours sleep everyday *I am very adamant about my sleeping cycle* . So, can't do it now...have to sleep. nite nite...

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