Last home game

February 26, 2002

Tonight is the last home game for the basketball..i really want to watch it..but the thing is..i have to drag my lazy ass all the way to arena in this 30 degrees weather..will i be able to do that?..hehe, i don't know..well i guess it's okay as long as i go there with a bunch of people. Donna and Martha want to go there too but they have class till 7.30, means that we probably can get there like past 8 or something...and is it worth it to watch just a half hour game after that long walks?..hmm..have to think about it though...well i might just go, everybody is there cheering and yelling supporting the salukis and i can't just sitting here in front of my computer without knowing what's going on over'll see!

I have a lot to do this week, i have this presentation for my B2B class, the case is pretty long and we have to do a little bit research and write the paper too. I also have oral presentation for my business communication class but this shouldn't be a big deal since it's only gonna be 1 minute long. What else i have to do for this week? oh ya i have to go to edwardsville to attend the career fair there, so i'm sleeping over at nduti's wednesday night..=). Pheww..there's just so many things, not too mention marketing policy case, the project for next week (we need to start collecting the information this week) and so on and so forth. Oh by the way, i also have an interview tomorrow at 6...wish me luck okay?. Who knows next week i'll be on my desk in their office next week..=).

I had a good weekend, nduti was here. As usual we ate at Kahala, but this time we also ate at dennys, we discussed about ben's problem, went to pinch penny and the strip, we even went to hotspot eventhough we didn't get in, damn the outlook and the environment was not attempting enough for us to go's like in the middle of cornfields with bunch of hillbillies...!. We also stopped by at mas heru's, driving around..checked out the design boutique office, we went to the mall, we went to the evening with ICE-T *i love that* and so on and so forth. Ohh..i almost forget this, we also went to the shelter to check out the kittens they have over there, they have 2 adorable kittens that i just wanna take them home..... Hmm, what else was happened last weekend ya? know what, i've been carless since yesterday..nduti took the car key with him and both of us didn't realize it till it's too late and too far for him to go back and give me the key..*lol*. So..that's why i have to walk if i want to watch the game tonight...!. But nduti has sent the key this morning though, so it should be here by tomorrow. Otherwise i won't be able to make it to the interview...

Ohh it's so hot in here and i'm wearing my sweater...i don't feel like changing my clothes since i'm leaving in a little i guess i'll talk to you later...! and by the way, aan emailed me and she said that dina dini's brother is moving to st louis in two weeks..hmm, at first i kind of get excited but then i remembered that i think he already have this bad image of me built in his mind. I don't know if he still remember all about that though..the story that dina dini told him when we were still in still make me upset somehow.

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