New Semester

January 18, 2002

Hmmm...i didn't realize that this semester will be another torture, i actually was feeling that this semester will be a breeze for me....but after i thoroughly read the syllabus...hmm..wrong thought girl!!. I really have to give 100% of my mind on this semester and fully understanding the materials, get in-depth knowledge about marketing concept, and do the project with my maximized efforts. I am sure that will help me a lot in the real world...well at least that what my professor said. Actually, i like the projects that the professors has given us, they seem so challenging and i can't wait to be engaged in the process. But the thing that kinda bothering me today groups!!. Well, i don't know them well enough to judge...but i just don't feel comfortable with them since i didn't know them before and they seemed a little laid back. I was hoping i could be in the group with carson and loukas, just like in marketing 390...we worked well together. I hope my new group (3 of them) will be doing just fine and we have no trouble working with each other.

I went to faner computer lab after class, i promised ben to meet him at 3, but he didn't show up until quarter past 3 so i called him, and he was waiting for me at the library..hehe..gimana siih?? Vero was there too at the last minute...and then ben drove us home. Remember the black dude who works at the registeration office?? i think i talked about him yesterday. I was on my way to my class from the student center when suddenly i heard someone yelled.."yo..wait up", there was no one around so i figured he was shouting at me. So i turned around..and it was him, oh my god..what does he want??. He started making converstion, ask about my name, my major, bla bla bla and he asked me what i'm gonna do this weekend. I said i'm going to st.louis for the weekend, and he was like.."oh, we can't meet this weekend then"..excuse me?. So you are assuming that i can and would want to meet you given that i don't have anything this weekend?...y'right

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