Back in town

January 16, 2002

I just got here this afternoon and when i stepped onto my room, all of a sudden i felt like i don't belong here. Well at least this is my last semester here..another 4 months and i'm outta here. My room was a messed, well it still messy now..but it's neater. I have cleaned almost everything in this room, i have reorganized my closet, my make-up corner...i threw away some make ups that i have never used or some which are already expired. I also reorganized my drawer and book shelves, put everything in the place where it belongs to and sorting which book or paper i still need and throw away the old and useless things that's been sitting there for months.

so my room is okay now although i haven't got a chance to vacuum the carpet, i guess i'll do that tomorrow. You know what, i was almost becoming the most miserable girl in the world today, but i got lucky so that probably makes me the most happiest one. It goes like this... i went to shnucks to deposit the check i got from first cellular, and right after that...i checked the balance at the ATM and i took some money out of that machine too. So when i got my money from that little machine...i walked away to my car..without feeling bad..without sensing that something might be wrong. I called Martha on the way to my car..asking her to join me to the dollar store..but she had a class to attend, so i went there all by my self. When i got there, i walked around..picked the things i needed to buy and went straight to the cashier. So..when i was taking the money from my wallet..i noticed that one credit card spot is empty...i was like...there is supposed to be a card in there..where is my atm card??..Oh my god, stupid me...i justify in it the machine..and it was still inside the machine with my pin number typed in already so people can just take some money from it. Oh there goes all of my money..... I was so panicked but trying hard to calm down..i was hoping that an honest person found my card and gave it back to the bank. damn... i'm short on money, and no one can take the only money i have for my survival..So i went back to the bank...and i talked to one of the teller about my situation and i haven't even finished explaining what happened and she suddenly.."oh..hold on a second". She looked in to a little drawer and guess what she took out of there..?'s my blue old national atm card..i was soo happy when i got it back...i have this big smile in my face as if i have just won a million dollar lottere or something...=)

710 was really crowded when i went there...well what do you's the second day of spring semester so everybody is buying their textbooks. I went there just to check the price, see if i can get it with the money i have right now..or else i will wait for the money from dad. oh speaking about money..and speaking about reminds me that i really really need to write the email i was talking about to my dad pretty soon.....i know tonite is tomorrow.

Dendre and i watched the momento last night. Hmm, i have some comments regarding that movie but it's late now..and i am sleepy. So..tomorrow maybe? I am sleepy but i don't feel like know...not in this room, not in this tiny twin bed...and not without nduti by my side....huhu....=(

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