Grad School

January 10, 2002

I am finally able to drag my lazy hand to click the dreamweaver icon and start building the ISC website. Suprisingly, it didn't take me long to create the layout and's not finished yet, at least it's halfway done, and the most important thing is i know what layout to be used so i just need to mess with the contents tomorrow. I just need 2 or 3 hours the most to finish it. Apparently my sinusitis is not cured yet and i'm gasping for air right now..i feel like i couldn't breathe anymore...this is so scary. I took my medicine..and get my self a ricola candy *my fave*, hope those can make me feel better. Oh by the way, i did check the siue and maryville website, to get all of the information about their MBA programs. After a very careful thinking..i a, now 100% sure that i'll go for Maryville, John E. Simon Business School over edwardsville. Why?. Because i think it suits me better, i like their 8 weeks program and the fact that we only have class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mostly we even only have 2 days instead of 3..depends on the classes we're taking at the moment. Well, actually i don't like the fact that they only have night classes..*edwardsville is even worse by the way and ridicuolously it's on the weekends*. But hey maybe that's okay, once or twice a week wouldn't hurt me that bad, would it?

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