New Year Resolution

January 18, 2002

Yohoo...I have finally finished the ISC webpage this afternoon, at the very last moment. I realize that it's far away from perfect, but that's my goal..just to get it done, not to get it done with perfection here and there, i'm not responsible directly for that anyway..*sigh*. It's almost 4 o'clock today, now i'm just waiting for dendre to call me to tell me that he is leaving the office, and then i would pick him up in about 15 minutes later. Okay so since it's still new year season, then it's not too late for me to make my new year resolution. *hey everybody have one, so i want one to..=)*

1. Hmm, resolution is to graduate from school this may, i'm sure this can be accomplished.., i mean logically i can finish everything by may this year, but who knows if something bad happen down the road right? *wish not wish not wish not*

2. I want my whole family to come here for my graduation day, i want my mom, hana, ibnu and dad. And i want my lovely grandma too. I want her to meet hal dillah, i think it's been like 8 years already since they have been apart, and grandma coming here is the only way they could meet. Stay healthy ya emah, i'll talk to mom and dad to bring you along with them..i love you..

3. My third plan for this year is to get an internship in st.louis for the summer, i hope this can be accomplished.

4. My fourth plan for this to start my MBA at maryville by august, hopefully i can get started with it on time. And while i'm in the program, i also have to get a job to help me with my expenses. Professional Job is preferable, but sales associate at the mall is also appreciated.

5. What's number five?. Hmm..okay, this will happen if number 2 is happening, i want my parents and nduti to get along. Well it's not that they don't get along with them, with the distance and everything, it's hard to get them gather together and have a meaningful interaction, we only went home twice so far... Dendre and my mom are getting along okay though..i know they are never engaged in deep and long conversation together. so this summer would be the perfect time

6. trying to use big i'll sound important..hahaha..j/k

7. Wow, it's number 7 already...for this..i want maintain a better relationship with nduti. I love the way everything works now..but there are still rooms for improvement...

8. Number eight is...i want to improve my life. What i mean here is like i want to exercise to live a healthy lifestyle..the last time i went exercising was like..last summer..see i haven't been living in a healthy life..therefore i need to get my ass to the rec center and try to sweat.

Besides exercising..i also want to get closer to GOD, pray as often as i could and experience my spiritual moment. I want to have a moment where i realize that..hmm, i don't know..kinda hard to explain. I was just about to type "the moment where i realize that he's exist". But i guess that will describe me that i don't believe that he is there. I was born muslim, so i believe there is GOD up there. But i just wanna have my moment you know...i have been hearing some stories that some people have their moment of realizing that he is there, they have their own experience, not like daily routine of experience..a different one. I am sure it feels so special and they should be grateful for that. Well i guess i need to do my duty as a muslim first before i can askhim to show me that he is there..watching over me..right?.

Oh i can go on and on and on about my new year resolution. But those are what i can think of right now. I am very thankful of what God have given me all my life, i am very grateful of everything. I am very excited that i live in another year of my life and i embrace 2002 with open arms..=).

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