January 11, 2002

It's Friday Morning..i am so TGIF, i always loved weekend, and i still love it now even though everyday feels like weekends for me for these past 4 weeks, but the fact that dendre does not have to go to work is what makes it difference. And this weekend, we're going to Carbondale..hmm i can smell the House special chicken already, hehe..and we're going to see the salukis..they have been pretty good this season, i hope they can come out as a winner in the end..so at least there can be something that i can be proud of.

When in Famous Barr, i walked pass the watches section and i noticed that they still have the red nine west watch that i had been eyeing on. I called Nduti to ask for his opinion..whether i should buy the watch or not..of course he said that i don't need another watch, but i said i wanted it so bad...and then he said okay but not today, we can go back to famous barr tomorrow and he'll buy me the watch. Hehehe..=) The next day, i went back to the mall with him, when i tried the watch..it didn't look that good on my wrist, besides it needs to get another hole so it will fit perfectly and unfortunately they don't have the punch to make another hole. We almost went back with empty hands, but dendre noticed that i turned a bit sad by not buying the watch, hehe..so he gently took my hand and led me back to the counter..so were waiting patiently at the cashier to pay for the watch. But there was another customer who took forever. To kill the time, we were looking at another watches and i found this cute guess watch. It has the same red alligator texture genuine leather strap and a silver face. The face of this one is silver and kinda elongated square, whereas the one that i wanted to buy is more square and of course the Guess one is look fancier and it looks good on my wrist..and it just another ten bone...and dendre likes it a lot better. So..we decided to take the guess instead..=) and we (i obviously) went home with a happy face. I love you nduti...

So, the lesson that i can take from waiting so long at the cashier is...just be patient..because good things happen to those who wait patiently. Don't you agree?. Had i didn't wait patiently and just went to another cashier to pay for the watch..i wouldn't have the one that actually looks 100 times better than the one i intended to buy previously. Oh I am so happy...*smile*

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