So which Dell to buy?

June 20, 2016

For the past few months, I've tried and reviewed 5 laptops from Dell. There is one for everyone at every budget with the best possible specs of course. So for my own reference and to give you some lights if you're looking for one. Here's my roundup.

For Work Purposes 
Got to hand it to XPS 13 of course and I don't even have to think twice about it. Here's the 5 things I like about this laptop. It has received so many awards from many Tech magazines worldwide so if it's good enough for those people who understand gadget at the very detail then it is good for us. This is good if you need to bring your own laptop to work or you want something more stunning than the one the company gives you. Or, if you're a freelancer. I'm still waiting for mine in gold, though :).

For Everyone in the family
Dell Inspiron 24 5000. I still miss its presence in our work/play area. The kids miss it too. The table on the corner is now has an empty space. Je misses playing animal jam on it. Jib misses watching soccer on Youtube on its ultra sharp screen. Oki misses working with it while looking through the window. I miss blogging on it while listening to the music. Maybe when it becomes unberable we'll take the splurge and bring it home for good.

For Personal Use and/or Student
Dell Inspiron 11 - 3000 non-touch. And when I mean personal is of course for browsing, emailing, doing a bit of Ms Office. It's also perfect for students. My kids start bringing their own laptops at year 5. This is perfect for them. The exterior is fun and young, it's light and the performance exceeds what they need it for. Plus, you won't get anything more value for money than this.

For Business
Dell Vostro 14 Series 5459. This is more for business owners who need heavy-duty laptop for their team. If your team works on several softwares at a time, open countless tab, and need more security for their laptop. Then this it!

For The IT People and the Gamers.
Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming is for them! It has everything you need to be more productive as the speed far exceed the other laptops. My IT team always need to fetch heavey database, create wireframe, upload gigantic files, so they need this more than anyone in the office. It's heavy, so..maybe we'll give this one to the boys?

So with the THR coming up and new school year approaching, how are you gonna spend it on? New laptop? Which one?

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