Review; Dell All-In-One Desktop Computer

April 21, 2016

A desktop? Really? Yes I thought a desktop would be obselete in one's household but boy, you don't know what you're missing out until you try this! Haha.

I like it actually. In fact, I like it a lot I wish I knew about this sooner! This Dell Inspiron 24 5000 is not like the old desktop we once know. It's a whole lot different! This is why I like it..

  • Great experience from the start. Even unboxing this was so I easy I did it all by myself. It took me about 10 minutes until I press the start button. Plug N Play at its best. The funny thing though I was looking for a CPU but turned out it doesn't have that boxy CPU like back in the days. It's just the screen, wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.
  • Slim and Sleek design. Always, the key for a great design. This one is so slim you can easily move it from one room to the other with that pop up easer stand. I like that you can tilt the screen easily to accomodate different height in the household.
  • Touchscreen! This comes in handy when I want to create a how-to video (like how-to upload a review in Female Daily, etc) also when my kids want to show me what they are working on online. And what I mean by working on is of course Animal Jam or other games.
  • Huge and ultra sharp screen. This makes watching movies together much more enjoyable. And when the kids are using it, you can easily supervise from a far.
  • It comes with plenty of port, connection, card reader, DVD burner and not to mention huge storage too (1TB). The things that are luxury in laptop are easily available here. 
  • How many times do you want to use your laptop only to realize it runs out of battery because your kids forgot to charge it the last time they used it? Happen to me many times. With this one, well since it needs to always be plugged, I won't have to experience that again. 

So there. I would say a desktop like this is an essential gadget to be placed at the center of a home. It's a perfect fit for the whole family. 

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