Gimme The Gold!

March 11, 2016

Dell launched a few products in the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas last January. Of course there were many notable item but one product that caught my attention and stuck until now is this beautiful XPS 13 in gold! How I wish I'm typing this blog post in that luxurious golden laptop. I think I'm gonna name her blondie if I have one.

I admit,  it was the color that attracted me in the first place. But I'm not crazy. I don't choose gadget just by how it looks on the outside. I wanted this one because technology-wise, it's the upgraded version of the award-winning XPS 13. I mean the XPS 13 is good enough, so imagine the improved performance wrapped in a fashionable gold aluminium outer shell. 

Speaking of fashionable, this laptop was all over the runway of Opening Ceremony show in New York Fashion Week. Turned out, both of the founders are Dell user and their collection is all about gold, so it's a match made in heaven.

How do I know the XPS 13 is good enough? Because I've been using one that the Dell team borrowed me for almost a month. As much as I love my Inspiron, I forgot about it after using the XPS 13 :D. I'll write the full review in the next blog post. 

Granted the price will be higher too and I'm not sure if it's already available here or not, but it's something I'll use 24-7 so I might as well get something I really really like, right?

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