Newest Arm Candy; Moto 360

June 24, 2016

When the smartwatch finally launched, I had a mixed feeling. Of course curious to try it but on the other I really need another species that come with a charger? From laptop to iPad to iPhone to camera to Nook to power bank to Bolt/Smartfren I think I've had enough! Besides, I'm a classic girl so I like my watch as classic as it can be.

Well, what do I know because for the past two months this Smartwatch Moto 360 is always the first one I reached for and wear. At least on the days when it wasn't low on battery cause I didn't charge it after I wear it two days. Hey I'm still getting used to having to charge a watch but at least I'm getting better.

So what is Moto 360?
An Android-based smartwatch made by Motorola.

Do I need to use Android phone to wear this?
No, I'm using iPhone and all I need is download Android Wear Apps. Although it can do much more for Android users.

Now how smart it is?

  • It gives me notifications so I don't have to hold on to my dear phone for dear life afraid that I'd miss important message. This is especially helpful during meetings when checking your phone can be considered rude.  
  • It has Moto Body where it lets me know how many steps I have taken, my heart beat and also estimation on how many calories I have burned during workout session.
  • You know how sometimes you want to do something but too lazy or forget to put it in your to-do list or phone alarm? Now I can just talk to my Moto and it'll remind me at the time that I specified. It feels like having my own personal assistant. 
  • Google maps! I still rely on this from time to time so it's good that I can still hear/check direction and at the same time use my phone for browsing :D.

I know in the beginning I said I like my watch classic. With this, not only I get a watch that is smarter than my previous watches, but I also get the classic style I've always looked for in a watch. Mine is rose gold with leather band and a round face. Do you know that you can change the face of the watch? It has many options from the midnight black to white and flowery, you can even change it into digital or analag. There's never a boring moment with this watch I tell you!

Price: USD 249
Where to buy: Lazada, Bhinneka, Blibli, etc.

So are you gonna jump in to the trends too or not?

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