Hello Blue Uniform

June 26, 2016

Technically, he won't be wearing blue uniform because in his school it's all about orange but you get the point, right?....my baby just graduated from elementary school! He did it! Of course thanks to Google and Wikipedia!

He had moving up ceremony two weeks ago, followed by Buka Bersama in school. In her speech, Najelaa Shihab, as Head of School shared how success is success nowadays, or at least for these kids is so different with the definition of success we had when we were in elementar school. It's no longer about getting good grades, but it's more if you have enjoyed the process, if you've made friends, if you've undersood how to apply the knowledge you learn into the real world and if you've made impact to those around you. To help them become a well rounded individual is the goal. Amiiin. 

Congrats, Jib, for another milestone. I still can't believe my baby whose one of his first words were 'Puma choo' (that's puma shoes for you) is now a junior high school student. All the best wishes for your new adventure, may you have lots of fun, may you learn a lot and may you blossom into a responsible and kindhearted young man and always be surrounded with friends and people who help you become a better person. Keep your dream alive ya Jib, have faith and always believe in yourself :). 

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