5 Things I Like About Dell XPS 13

March 30, 2016

Earlier this year, I was asked to give testimonials on my experience using XPS 13 during Dell biggest launch here in Jakarta. Even though I’ve only used XPS for a little more than a week at that time, I said YES. A week was enough to make me fall in love with this particular laptop. Besides, I've learned a lot about it during the Consumer Electronic Show as it received many awards! Now I’m waiting for my new one to shi. On the meantime, let me reminisce the laptop by highlighting the things that make me love it.
  • Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Design is still the first element that I paid attention to. You can’t sell me the features if I can’t even stand looking at it, especially for something I would look and touch the whole day. Good design (and great technical aspect) will empower you and make you want to work more and be more productive. Luckily the XPS 13 has that style meets function element.  
  • Size! Women do carry everything in their bag, including laptop. And the XPS 13 is very slim that makes it the smallest 13-inch laptop in the market. It easy to carry around and fits perfectly into my bag. I don’t need to bring a separate laptop bag. 
  • Sturdy! As much as I am a CEO I am also a mom who have to share gadgets with the kids. I love the fact that it has a solid carbon-fiber body that makes it very durable. A little scratch sometimes can annoy me, but with this rubber-like body, I can have some peace of mind. 
  • Stunning display experience. Ahhmagad, I’ve never seen screen so crisp, so clear and so cinematic before. The XPS 13 has the awesome borderless InifnityEdge display that maximizes screen space. So It’s casically A 13-inch display in an 11-inch frame!! You can’t get any better experience than this. Kids love watching movies from there and I can also easily wow the client with my decks cause it looks ultrasharp. 
  • There’s more things to love that I can’t just break it down into 5, for example the latest performance features from Intel also makes the experience even more enjoyable (longer battery life, power display, etc) and many more. In short, I feel like this is the laptop that is created with attention to detail and that makes it worth to buy. 

Now Im waiting for the shipment to arrive and let's pray they mistakenly put the gold one in there :D

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