Trying A Gaming Laptop for The First Time

June 18, 2016

A gaming laptop!

I’m not a gamer. Not even a little bit, my memory of computer game is as old as the Packman in MS Dos. But I like to try something new so when Dell offered me to try this Inspiron 15 Gaming laptop, I’m game!

 I just have to make sure not to tell Jib about this

Apparently, one of Dell specialty is their gaming laptops. I learned more about it, particularly the Alienware family when I visited the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas last January.

So here’s my finding:

  • Speaker is loud! I don’t know if all gaming laptop is like this but this is a lot more impressive than other ‘regular’ laptops I’ve tried. It has built-in subwoofer. I guess this is an important feature for gamers so they can be more in tune in their element. 
  • It’s heavy. Well, with all the extra features they have, no wonder it’s heavier than most laptops. Besides, gamers are usually stationed in one place and not move around from one coffee shop to another. So of course, weight is not an issue for them.
  • The exterior is very manly with a smooth black rubberis material with a touch of clean red lines. But I guess it’s still more stylish than others I’ve seen that is very bulky. 
  • 1 TB storage. I could use some of this! 
  • This one is a 15inch wide so it's huge and the screen is awesome.

When I was offered to try this, the first question I asked "Can it perform all the standards work we usually do in a laptop?" haha..what a noob I was because the answer is, of course it can. Now the question is, is it worth it for a non gamers to buy and use gaming laptops since it's more expensive?

Aside from it's only downside, which is the weight, I'm thinking that it would be a mind-blowing laptop for everyday use. It has the speed, higher quality of pictures, better sound, more memory, finer materials

Plus, one thing I just learned is gaming laptop stays around longer, it's not as outdated as the standard laptop because it's built with better technology. And if you feel that it's not performing as awesome as before, you can just upgrade the specific part you think need some oomph and'll work like new again. I'm sure our IT team would be head over heels with this. Maybe it will make them code faster?

To make the review more objective, I asked a few of my hard-core gamers friends and all of them said that this laptop has a solid gaming performance and delivers better performance than you would expect for the price. And since it's in the affordable category, it's perfect for entry-level gamers. Battery life is also longer than others in the same category.

Looks like this laptop is a winner no matter what perspective you're looking at it.

Just hope Jib won't read this.

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  1. it's Pac Man! hahahahaha
    ketauan banget kan bukan gamer :)

    1. Vanya iih...kalo gue bilang typo nggak percaya ya? :D