Something to be thankful for

June 17, 2016

So we've moved to the new office exactly a month ago. Lots of things to be thankful for of course I think I will make another post dedicated for that. On the meantime, you can watch the office tour from Dara's Vlog here:


Today, we had our first event in the new community center, with Hada Labo. The community center is now has its own secluded area, so there can be an event and the whole office won't be affected with the noise.  

When there is event of course there's many people from our community. It was during Ashar prayer when I went to the Musholla and realized there were 5 people praying there at the same time. 


At the old office, we could barely prayed with one other people without feeling uncomfortable. This time, there's still more space left with 5 people praying at the same time. So happy that we don't have to wait in line anymore, unlike in the old office where we also had to wait to use that one bathroom. Now, we have a separate wudhu area. Cannot imagine how it would be like during Ramadhan in the old office. You know, Musholla is usually more crowded during Ramadhan :D

Today at the Musholla remind me of this post from Adis I reposted on my Facebook. A few people gathered after prayer and did Tadarusan. Some also prayed together with Andy leading the way. Oh my God, this wouldn't be possible in Kemang office.


This truly warms my heart, to know that we are able to give our team a more than decent place to pray and to know that they are fully utilizing it. As a leader, I am also responsible to facilitate them with their basic needs like praying so now that I've done it I feel relief.

Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami, dengan segala kebesaran dan keagunganmu kami mengucapkan syukur sebesar-besarnya atas kebersamaan, kesempatan dan anugrah yang engkau berikan ini. Jadikanlah rumah baru kami ini sebagai ladang ilmu dan sumber segala kebaikan, sinarilah seluruh ruang kantor ini dengan cahayamu. Semoga di kantor baru ini kami selalu diberikan kesehatan, keselamatan, kesungguhan dalam berkarya dan keikhlasan dalam bekerja dan rezeki yang halal. Semoga engkau memudahkan segala urusan kami dan semoga kerja keras kami di sini dapat diterima olehmu sebagai bentuk amal ibadah.

That was the prayer I said during our 9th anniversary last May 27. I said it with a shaky voice, getting so so emotional. Cannot thank him enough this blessing. Alhamdulillah.  

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