Go Dawgs

March 01, 2003

Lalalalala…I finally got tickets to the game…*jumps up and down excitedly*…. There was this guy who was also looking for a ticket and he knew someone who wanted to sell 4 tickets all together, 25 bucks per ticket, and that scalper didn’t want to sell them separately. This guy told me that he would give me the scalper’s phone number if I would give one ticket for him for 20 bucks….resee, pemerasan banget kan tuh namanya, he said that because he read my msg that I would pay an extra 5 bucks than everyone else..hehehe..tapi kan tetep aja..kok mumpung gitu siihh…..oh well…what can I say I was hopeless and desperate so I said OK..ergghh what a gullible me. So anyway, the scalper had delivered the ticket to martha’s house… and I’m back to happy mode once again. This game is going to be huge, the media has been hyping this game since forever. The crowd is going to be fired up and we are ready to keep the home winning streak alive. GO DAWGS!!!….oh btw, hehe..why don’t you try to tune in to your FOX channel tomorrow night, 8 o'clock central time, who knows you might see me there..teeheee... I’m not sure if they air it on Midwest FOX only or the whole region though…

So yay, I’m happy now, especially when I heard another good news. Ben’s been using our car that we’ve been meaning to get rid of for the past few months, he said he’ll buy it from us once he got his car sold..and just last week he got a check from someone who bought his car so he’s gonna pay us tomorrow…wohooo…and also Rommy is buying my Compaq Presario..since I’ve moved in to dendre’s, there’s no point of having two desktop, they take up so much space plus we’ve never used it. So we’re bringing the computer to Carbondale tomorrow. That’s double woohoo to me, cash is flowing in, just when I need it, hehe…and maybe a fraction of the money would go into buying me a 76 piano-size portable keyboard that I’ve been longing to have……=)

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