Spring Read

March 27, 2003

i ordered a few books from amazon.com last week, and they finally arrived....lalala..*i ordered it with the free shipping so they said it's going to take a while" so i didn't expect the books to arrive sometimes this week..but it did.. anyway, i've never ordered stuff from amazon before, but this one book "a march to madness" is really hard to find. borders or barnes noble always out of stock whenever i was looking for it so i decided to just order it online and since i wanted to take advantage of their free shipping offers *on order $25 and above*, so i ordered two more books..here they are

shopaholic ties the knot, sophie kinsella

who doesn't love sophie kinsella and her character, blecky bloomwood?? i've read her first two series, confession of a shopaholic and shopaholic takes manhattan and i had a lot of fun reading those books. becky is this fashion minded heroine who views shopping as a bright investment and thus always overspends. it's just hillarious to read the stupid excuses she makes and how she goes about avoiding the debt collectors and in the end paying all of her bills. i'm sure this one would be fun to read also...especially since she's tying the knot..gosh can't believe how overjoyed she is now that she has the legitimate excuse to go shopping..and oh..how is she going to deal with Luke's (his boyfriend) mother?...

the circuit, francisco jimenez

this is a story from the life of a migrant child whose families migrated from a small village near guadalajara, mexico to california illegally. the story revolves around on how the families cope up with the culture shock, the different values, lifestyle, the pain and the struggle that they have to face in the states. and not only that, they also had to deal with their poor living situation, etc. i haven't read this though, but i expect it to be good and even expect to shed some tears..teehee . i always have interest to learn about migrant family, not that i'm planning to migrate here or anything, but i salute them and see them as a great inspiration. they have the guts, the courage to take the risk and the consequences, and move out to different country to pursue a better life, better job, better education for their children. it's all about survival, faith and hope

a march to madness, john feinstein

march is not complete without this book!!!...i haven't seen the actual book before i ordered it online, therefore i didn't know how thick it would be, etc...i know amazon provides all of those information but it just didn't cross my mind to check first. i was expecting this book to be full of glossy paper and lots of pictures but it's not. it's friggin' 470 pages long, it's even thicker than my textbook. a bit dissapointed but..that's fine cause i still wanted to read the story no matter what. anyway, this book is about college basketball, focusing on the atlantic coast conference. it includes the stories about the coach, the players, how hard it is to have good recruits, the expectation, the dissapoinments, the conflicts inside the team, the rivalries, etc. basically a behind the scene look during the entire season. so far, i've only managed to read up to page 19...*sigh*...451 more to go.........

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