I need tickets..

February 28, 2003

I am not happy today. I still haven’t gotten the tickets for Saturday game up until now. I am not a student there anymore so if I want to watch the game I have to purchase the tickets whereas the students get them for free. I usually buy the ticket on the day of the game but this is a different case, I called the ticket office a month ago, right when I just got back here, to purchase the tickets but guess what??…..It was SOLD OUT, the lady said she just sold the last five. I was like..whattt….not even a single ticket left out of the 8000 that’s available?!?! And that was a month ago, 5 weeks before the day of the game, and it’s a college basketball game, it’s not like a U2 concert or something. I was upset of course but I didn’t worry too much thinking that my friends could still get me the student tickets (they provide 2000 of them) which had not been distributed at that time, and once I got the student tickets, I can just use someone’s student ID to get in.

When Martha asked me what I wanted for the wedding present, I answered that I want two tickets of march 1st game…yes, it is that precious to me and she knows that I’ll be ten thousands happier to get the tickets than to get crate and barrel china dinnerware set. So she said she'll get the student tickets, which was distributed this morning, for me. The ticket counters open at 10 AM.

But oh boy, when Martha and Rommy got there an hour before it’s opened, people have packed the arena already and a lot of them even camped in there since last night!!We had a game with Evansville last night and the fans just decided to not leave the arena till they got the ticket in their hands. So they were there for like 13 hours. The rest of them arrived before 6 this morning and anyone who arrived after that went home with empty hands. The students who camped there came prepared to pass the time, they brough television, DVD player and grill with them. The school also provided free donuts, bagels and coffee for everyone who camped there.

So since Martha and Rommy came at 9.00 o clock, of course the tickets ran out when there were still several hundred students in front of them. The athletic department should have put a limit on how many tickets one person received, because people were getting 20 tickets at a time and I am sure that most of them don’t even know half the payers. They turn this into a social event, not a basketball game that means the world to real fans like me, huhu.

I saw a picture of a student who proudly showed her tickets..*sobs* and I’m green with envy. ..what’s me gonna do??….. ain’t no way I’m watching the game from home!! Rommy tries to see if there’s anyone scalping ticket…I’ll pay $5 more than anyone else for each tickets. One guy even advertised that he would perform sexual favors for a ticket and he ain’t kidding.

Damn….Whatta great fans you have salukiisss.

I’ve talked to several people in the message boards, email and phone ….and there is this guy who knows someone who have 4 tickets for $25 each, he wants to sell it but we have to buy all 4 of them, shit I’ll buy those. I’m sure I won’t have a hard time selling the remaining two..there are still hundreds of angry diehard fans around school right now, hehe. So I called the guy and he still have the tickets with him….he wants me to meet him in an hour but of course I can’t!! dude..i’m like 2 hours away from Carbondale….! I’ve called my friends to pick it up for me, but I guess they are all in class cause no one’s picking up the phone. Damn damn damn, I’m afraid that guy is going to sell it to someone else if I’m not quick…*hopenot hopenot hopenot*

I quoted this from one of the students who was waiting in line for hours:

Getting up at 4 AM - Useless

Waiting in line 5 hours - Restless

Getting tickets to SIU Vs Creighton - Priceless!

somebody pick up the phone pliiisss.....

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