why oh why

March 12, 2003

last nite was the mother of all games and it was our last chance to impress the ncaa selection committee to send the ticket to the ncaa tournament our way. but why oh why we couldn’t hit anything even though a lot of the shots were open or lay up under the basket. tell me why we didn’t hit seventeen of our first eighteen shots and why we didn’t get our rebound and also tell me why the players let themselves to be humiliated in front of national television....why tell me why..

it was a nightmare last nite, total disaster!!! we simply got outplayed, outscored, outrebounded, outcoached and outhustled. and what hurt the most is we got there, we have reached that moment to reserve a spot in the ncaa tourney, to prove something but we just blew it away by playing our Z game while creighton was playing their A game, and we have to live up to that. creighton picked the right time and the right moment to shine, they stepped up last nite and played like a true champion despite their terrible play in their last 2 games while we only shot 16% field goals on the first half and had a 30 points deficit. the final score was 80 – 56. i was dumbfounded, i still am. i told myself not to worry about the deficit in the first couple minutes of the game cause i knew my dawgs would make a great comeback, i patiently wait for them to make their big play, but after half time, i realized in dissapointment that they would never make a comeback, they were already down mentally and couldn't keep the spirit up. i wanted to believe that miracle does happen but it doesn’t.

i tried to stand still and support them to hang in there but at the last minute i just couldn’t take it anymore, it tore me apart to watch our player got bullied around..*sobs*…and on the way out i saw from the monitor outside that their fans rushed the court after the final seconds ticked off the clock and confetti fell from the ceiling...it could have been us who celebrate the victory but why it's the opposite instead....

now I don’t know what happen come selection sunday, i know in my previous entry i said that i believe we are a lock regardless of whether or not we win the game, but that if it were a competitive game, last nite was a no contest. we do have excellent credentials for an at-large bid since we have 24-6 records but last night was the last game the committee watched and i’m sure they will base their decision on that, that’s the game that will stick on their head from now on. the committees are so bias and they are looking for every excuses to leave us out and and we gave them their excuse last night. i wanted to believe that an entire year of success shouldn’t be wiped out by one performance. but life is unfair……

...and neither is sport.

it’s going to be a long week…but i’m a saluki bred and i’ll be sweating it out in front of the TV this sunday witchall!!! hopefully we heard them announce our team as one of the 65 teams that make it to the tournament. if not, that means season is over and thanks for the ride dawgs... it’s been a heck of a great season…

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