Chippewas kick azz

March 22, 2003

yesterday was not a good day...

my team got robbed

my house got robbed *sigh*

but the chippewas kicks azz though..*yay*, thanks for sending creighton to pack up their suitcases back. i know i should've rooted for my 'beloved' mvc team, but i'm sick of their fans and i hate to see them braggin and talk like they're the shit so WHAT THE HELL!!!!!.....i told you they are overrated, the truth is they had no business to be anywhere near 6 seed...! sorry creighton fans, the match up with duke only happens in your dream..padahal udah pede aja tuh bisa ngalahin duke dan masuk sweet 16 lawan kansas... so much for the trash talk!!!

true life salukis show is postponed to monday night, it's all because of this war thingy


had this conversation with nadja this morning

ibu : do you love me.. nadja?

nadja :ah-ha *nodding*

ibu : how much?

nadja :much!!!

ibu : how big ?

nadja : big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *spreading her little arms apart*

ibu : how come?

nadja : come!!!!!!!!!!

hehehehe..that is so adorably can you not like her??..visit her mommy's site here to read more...

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