We are in..

March 17, 2003

i'm sorry but i really have to get this out of my system...*wooohooooooooooooooo.......* cause this has been a hell of a long week for me as well as other people in salukis republic..*teeheee*, this weekend was tough as there were quite a few upsets that put our chances in jeopardy.......but oh boyyyy salukis popped up on the screen, i know we deserve to be in..the committee must be on crack if they didn't pick us out..hehehe....!!! actually, one of the committes, i forgot who his name was, lindewood or livenwood, something like that... was an athletic director in SIU some times ago, i heard he wasn't very well liked back then, but oh boy don't we all just love him now???

we'll be playing mizzou in the first round....wow, i really didn't expect that, they are a team that plays good come tournament time, they were on the bubble last year and yet went all the way to the elite 8. and mizzou is actually one of my favs....*ya gimana ya i live in missouri state gitu lho..hehe*.. but of course i wasn't rooting for them this afternoon...*not because i love sooners yas, but because i had to root for all of the big boys this weekend (for once)*..hehehehe.....noo, i love sooners too kok ..anyway, they'll be playing in indianapolis, 4 hours worth of driving...not bad at all.........to go or not to go....that's the question!!....

C'mon dawgs.......it's time to make some noise...! oh by the way.......turn in to your mtv channel thursday night...9 o'clock central time for the MTV TRUE LIFE....."i'm a college baller" and of course, it's the salukis show......about our school, our team, our players, etc...they have been filming this and follow the players around for a few months...can't wait to see the show!! ....yuhuuu......is america ready for the salukis????

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