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March 07, 2003

sucks? I know, haha..i’m bored with the old layout but at the same time I can’t seem to have my creative mind working, hmm…like I have one?..anyway, I’ll just stick to this layout for a while until I can create a decent one, hopefully soon cause school starts next week and I’m sure I’d have tons of projects to do after next week

Last weekend was sweet, I have never seen the arena so crowded before, yes we have had a couple of sold out games before but the atmosphere is just different, the crowd was yelling and chanting non stop, booing Creighton with passion and chanting airball whenever Korver touch the ball, haha. He averages 92% from the free throw line and he never missed a single free throw whenever he plays with us since 4 years ago, but he missed two free throws that night plus a few other airball shots.. So you can tell from there that the crowd kinda got into him, although he didn’t want to admit it, he said in the press conference that his bad performance didn’t have anything to do with the crowd, yea right. We were actually kinda had trouble like the first 3 or 4 minutes of the game, maybe the players were nervous or something cause it was an emotional moment for the senior, but after that they just took off. Two minutes towards the end of the game was breath taking cause we only had 2 points lead and it was way possible for Creighton to take over the game, they had the momentum to come back. But I guess our player had more determination and wanted to win more than Creighton. I bet it was a long and quiet trip back to Omaha, haha.

So since we won that game, we are seeded number 1 in the Missouri valley conference. But we didn’t have the title outright yet cause there was one more game for us to win in order to be granted the sole possession of the regular season championship, we had to beat Illinois state the next Monday and if we lost and Creighton win Monday night game against Wichita state then we had to share the title with Creighton like last year, since we are in the same rank. Of course by Monday night the title was safely in hand, we beat Illinois State in their own arena…

Now the conference is over and here comes the tournament... The tournament will be held in savvis center, st louis this weekend…wohooo..isn’t that great I don’t have to drive miles away to watch my team play. Since we’re seeded number 1, we don’t have to play on Friday, we’ll start playing in the quarterfinals on Saturday with whoever wins Friday. And if we win Saturday, we’ll play again Sunday in the semifinals and if we win again Sunday, we’ll play again Monday night for the championship which will automatically give the winner a trip to NCAA tournament. Man, I wish we’ll go all the way to the championship and win it so we can get automatic bid to the NCAA and cut the nets in st. louis. But even if we lost in the final game, I hope we still get the invitation to join the NCAA cause we’re truly deserve it. We are a good team but we just don’t get as much media exposure as the big majors, which is suck. But I know once we’re given a chance we’ll show them that we can do some damage in the NCAA just like last year when we make it all the way to the sweet 16, beating texas tech and Georgia in the first and second round. Hopefully we can play with the same sense of urgency like we’ve been playing these past two months and get the respect we deserve. Go know I’ll be rooting for you guys!!!

On a not so happier note though…..i lost all..and I repeat..ALL my files in this computer yesterday. This is such a mess. We had windows ME before and dendre just installed windows XP yesterday. Everything was still in its original place when he was done installing. But, you know XP provides multiple/different account right, I can have my own password protected account to save my own files without anyone interfering it, and he can have his own too. This is the perfect situation for any computer who has multiple user but we don’t see the need to have different accounts with this computer but he did created an account for me just for trial purposes. After that, since we only need one account he deleted his account so we can together use mine. But my oh my…he was supposed to delete my account since it’s new, it’s empty, there was no file in it, but it was his account (the admin account) that he deleted and all of the files was saved in there, everything. Hundreds of downloaded songs since Napster Era, all of the pictures, we have uploaded some pictures to the server but there are still a lot left in the pictures folder. I have my school files, the paper, project from previous classes, I know I’m done with those but I wanted to keep them. All of the websites that we’ve built is gone, all of the files of this blog is gone too….everything is gone, vanished, whatever you wanna call it. I feel like using a brand new computer now cause it’s so empty.

Another computer related disaster happened in my house back home too last week. No, the computer didn’t crash or anything but it got stolen!!…It was on Friday afternoon, the house was empty, ya nggak kosong banget sih, ada si mbak mbak and my little brother was home. Trus ada yang nge bell rumah, ternyata orang nggak di kenal gitu, si mbak yang satu ini..mbak asih namanya, padahal yang paling pinter dari yang laennya, she’s been with us for a while jadi udah tau mana yang orang di kenal mana yang enggak. Trus ini orang, mas mas, nanyain nyokap gue dan mbaknya bilang kalo my mom wasn’t home and this guy insisted to wait in the terrace, ya udah di bukain lah pintu pagernya trus dia nanya nanya banyak dan minta kertas sama pulpen buat nulis pesen ke nyokap, trus tau tau dia udah ngikutin masuk aja sampe ruangan meja makan. Pas si mbaknya lagi ngambilin kertas, tau tau tu orang masuk ke kamar gue dan langsung keluar gotong2 CPU tau nggak sih dan langsung keluar gitu aja, di luar udah di tungguin taksi. Abis itu baru deh si mbaknya lemes dan langsung nyadar kalo abis kemalingan, kayanya sih mungkin dia di hipnotis soalnya biasanya dia yang pinter gituu. It was really shocking to hear that, my little brother was there and anything could have happened…*merinding* . Dan takutnya lagi malingnya kan udah masuk rumah, udah tau keadaannya gimana and there is a chance for him to come back…..wah gimana dong… scares the hell out of me, I don’t want what happened a few years ago to happen again. Iya dulu juga pernah kemalingan, bukan kemalingan itu sih…..kerampokan!! Untungnya no one was home, we all slept over in my grandma’s house…. and that’s probably why the robbers decided to break in. Jadi pas besoknya kita pulang everything was a mess, jendela2nya udah pada di pecahin, pintu2 pada jebol, lemari udah di dobrak semua, laci2nya di tebalik tebalikin sampe kasur aja di angkat gitu lho, nggak di colong sih but I guess they were just checking it out in case my mom keeps some money under the bed..helloooo don’t you know there’s a place called bank??….they took everything, electronics, tv, stereo set, laser disc, playstation, they even took my walkman…they also took my mom’s jewelry, perfumes and the like. Ergghhh udah ah, bikin tambah ngeri aja jadinya kalo di inget inget. Mudah mudahan sih nggak bakal ada apa apa lagi..*amin*, doain yaah semuanya……….

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