mission nearly accomplished

March 11, 2003

we defeated southwest missouri state last night, and tonight is the night, we will face the overrated creighton tonight at 8 central time, and it will be broadcasted on ESPN!!! i believe it's safe to say that we're now a lock for the ncaa tournament, regardless of who wins tonight's game. cause i don't think this game would be so much for ncaa tournament, but we are going to be fighting for pride. it's going to be a war tonight.....and shoot, i need a maroon t-shirt , i showed up with my white t-shirt yesterday, first of all because i was running out of my maroon t shirt and second was because southwest missouri state color is maroon too but since we're the higher seeded team, the players wore their white jersey, so i decided to wear white as well, but i did wear maroon underwear if that counts..teeheee. i'm hitting the road any minute now....i'm sure the salukis are more than ready to battle, because we have something to prove plus creighton hasn't been playing that well lately eventhough they did win their last 2 games, but they won ugly, they were just very fortunate. wichita state was handling creighton asses yesterday, i was so happy they almost got beaten but then again, we want a piece of creighton too..so let us be the one who sends them back to where they belong...hihi.........

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