Weekend recap

June 18, 2002

My stomach is acting up, I don’t know why, is it because the satay I ate at ading’s place yesterday?..huehe, udah makan gratis masih protes aja..:P . Iyah kemaren ke rumah ading buat bbq, soalnya lagi rame disana..ada anak2 chicago juga yang pada dateng. Abis itu we went to Miss Saigon, the Vietnamese restaurant near his place..*makan teruuuss* and had a delicious Vietnamese noodle kinda thing, and called it a weekend.

So today I have nothing to do, I just finished up the Shopaholic takes Manhattan book, gotta go to borders again this evening to get another book. Abis selesai baca buku, I watched sex and the city dvd season 3, aahh welcome to the world of unemployed fresh graduate. I kinda miss being busy though, I miss my college life, I miss the feeling of waking up in the morning and know what you have to do and accomplish on that day...i miss the shitty stuff that you have to get thru in college. Well I know I know by the time I start college again I’ll eat my words and start complaining and wishing to have my free time back, to lying low on the couch flipping through channels. So maybe I just have to enjoy this while it last..

I had two interviews last Friday, one was just like a screening interview, it was informal and they said they would give me a call for the real interview if they are interested, but the man said that he was sure that the company will count me in for another interview, but i just don't want to put my hope up high. So hopefully one of those two will lead me to the level of employment….

Soo..what else is new? Oh speaking about the book I just read, it’s a follow up to her *Sophie Kinsela that is* first book “Confession of a Shopaholic”, it’s really a lighthearted piece of fun, perfect for summer reading. You definitely should read it..especially you you little shopaholic…..:P

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