It's a three-peat

June 13, 2002

Too bad i didn't watch the whole game cause i was stuck somewhere downtown. I only watched the 4th quarter, I was kinda praying that the season would not ended in game 4, cause then I'll be left with no entertainment on TV no more, hmmpph but what can i say, i guess i just have to wait till November...and goodbye NBC..cause next season NBC won't be hosting the game, i think it'll be in either ABC or ESPN next time. I think this final is not that exciting though, in fact according to Nielsen Media Research, this is the lowest rated final since 1981, i don't know who were playing at that time, but i agree with that cause this time the lakers simply won by defeat, no competition. For me the real final was the pacific division championship against the Kings, that was a hell of a game.

By the way, I think the MVP should be given to Kobe instead of Shaq. But oh well...Kobe has a lot years left. He's young. I predict he'll eventually get MVP one fine day

K to the izzO......B to the izzE

He wore #23 tonight......

click here to see the pictures

So..for all of you who happen to be in the LakersLand, enjoy the victory...tonight you have excuse to party your ass off, and for all you Lakers haters, get used to it....=)

Happy LakersDay everybody..........

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