June 04, 2002

First of all

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ndutiku tayaaaaank..............=)

You're the best thing that ever happened to.. June....huehehe....

Pheew...Now that I have all the time to blog around, I don’t blog at all, that’s weird considering I was always wanted to blog but never had enough time to write. Anyway..i’m so happy that the Lakers won the West Division title last night *woohooo*… they won it in overtime and on the road.. At first I wasn’t so sure that they were gonna win the game, cause the Kings are just so talented plus they had a home court advantage. But I guess the kings don’t have the poise yet to get the job done, they looked so frustrated. I feel sorry for them…especially for Bibby who played awesome last night.

Speaking about the Lakers, I just finished reading the story of the youngest player to ever appear in the NBA -well this guy was the first player to join the NBA right after graduated from high school, so that made him the youngest at that time- famously known as Kobe Bryant..*hehe, kirain siapa yah?". And yes, in case you're wondering..his parents named him after that delicious Japanese steak. I'm not a groupie or anything, but he’s a truly inspiring individual *at least for me* and I have so much respect for him. I’m just amazed with his hard work, with his ambition to fulfill his dreams, with his faith in himself even though the whole world doubted him.. with his capabilities to pull through and proved everyone wrong. I’m also astounded with his personality and his ability to stay as a homebody with his celebrity status, he refuses to be a part of the fast-paced LA lifestyle. I think he is an amazing young man, plus he speaks Italian..isn’t that cute?. And NO no no, he is not cocky, he is just living his life……

Anyway, before the Kobe Bryant book, I read..”Sebuah Skenario, Jujur Prananto, AADC?”. Lucu juga bukunya, jadi tau gimana nge draft suatu scenario itu. Baca dari scenarionya sih…kayanya ceritanya bagus dan menarik, sayang vcd nya belom keluar. In the meantime, nonton Jelangkung sama Pasir Berbisik dulu aja kali yaaa yang udah di bawain vcdnya.

Oh well, I got to roll now…Dina will be here any minutes, mo lunch dulu niih sekalian browsing around the mall, and wind down at Borders after that…

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