Robert Horry

June 07, 2002

Mocha almond fudge by Breyers is soo goood....i just can't get enough of it.

So.. the lakers won the game last wasn't a surprise, was it? Anyway, before the game started, they had this show about Robert Horry, a glimpse idea about his life lah ceritanya. Ternyata, dia punya anak cewe, ashlyn namanya yang agak cacat mental dan nggak bisa ngomong sama sekali..anaknya lahir with a genetic defect that renders her unable to walk or eat without assistance. Kasian yah? Jadi kalo lagi nggak ada game or practice, si horry ya balike ke houston buat spend time sama keluarganya dan juga nemenin anaknya ke therapist. Horry, beside kobe, is my favorite player, i know he is not the most versatile player in the league, but he always reappears to make a difference...

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