Fear Factor & The Lakers

June 11, 2002

I was watching Fear Factor just now, but then the gross part came in, i could never stand it to see them forced to eat disgusting things. This time is worse, each of the contestant have to eat what is called a skeeball. The name sounds cute huh? But it is actually pig uterus....ugh imagine that. By the way ..it's pink by color,it's like a long spiral tube and looks slimy, it's just gross to look at, let alone to put it in your mouth and chew it. And they said it's smells so disgustingly bad, worse than sour milk, in fact it's the worst smelling items ever stored in the infamous Fear Factor refrigator. Ooh noo let's just talk about something else before someone is throwing up here....

So the lakers won again last night, well the Nets had a chance to win the game, or at least stretch it to over time but it just didn't happen. I'll be rooting for the nets this wednesday though, not that i don't want Lakers to win, they will eventually win the title again this time..we all know that. But the thing is, Lakers is my favorite so i don't want this season to end just yet because it's gonna be months again till i can see them again. I know it'll be nice for them to have a sweep 4-0 win, but i still want to be entertained by them, so..please extend the series and make it to game 7, will you?

Kobe was playing unreal last night, i hope he'll get his first MVP finals this year, he is trully deserve it. Anyway, speaking about the Lakers, i like all the starting line ups, but i'm less than impressed with the bench. Well Shaw was allright last night and so did George.. but the rest of them, especially Samaki Walker? Damn i hate him soooo bad, i hate the stupid smirks he has in his face everytime he draws a stupid foul, and he always drawn a stupid foul within seconds of stepping on the court...what's up with that??..

Oh by the way, i got a dior sunglasses last weekend.... *makasih ya tayaaank*..definitely need a new fabz sunglasses for the summer..

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