Another unproductive day

June 05, 2002

well what can i do...i have absolutely nothing to do these days. I just updated my resume cause i plan to send out my resume to some of the companies that i'm targetting.

Yesterday, at Borders, i got a bargain book about the icons of the century. It is basically a brief biography of the people who have made a history during the twentieth century. Most of the famous people are there, from the Queen Victoria, Coco Chanel, Mahatma Gandhi, Hitler, Anne Frank, Evita Peron, Ronald Reagan to Margaret thatcher to Boris Yeltsin. Seru juga kayanya ya... i just got to buy that one walaupun masih ada beberapa buku yang belom kebaca such as The confession of teenage hackers, The millionaire next door, Ca Bau kan & Supernova *thanks for the supply trid..=)*, dan setumpuk majalah majalah dari mulai A+, Djakartamag, Cosmo Indonesia, Dewi, Prodo, Femina, Tabloid Marketing and all time fave magazine ...ooh and also ada majalah master web. Duuh, tolong dong master web, i think you guys better concentrate di websitenya master web aja *banyak dead linknya gue aja dari yang jaman duluuuuu banget masih ada padahal jelas2 linknya udah di ganti*, too much diversivications in a short time period will only hurt you. Anyway, it's just my 2 cents, abisnya majalahnya terlalu di ada adain banget.......

Soo...what else?, i think that's it for today, i gotta go to post office before it's closed and head off to the gym after that....i'm determined to get one of those toned abs and shoulder this summer *woohoo*..therefore i couldn't skip a single session eventhough skarang badannya masih pegel2 semua..=(..

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