Another Job Assignment

June 29, 2002

i'm goin to a fine dinin' after this...finally.....*mind you, i've been eating popeyes chicken for 5 days in a row* i'd be really appreciate a fine meal for tonite. Anyway, sheila called and assigned me a job which starts on monday, well actually i was assigned for a job last monday and tuesday which was supposed to last for a month, but something went wrong and she said that i didn't have to go back there and just wait for the next one. The new one is only part time though, that's good enough for me cause i still have a bunch of stuff to do next week. But the thing is, that means i have to work next friday..ugh that's a bummer cause it's gonna be harpitnas.

Don't know what else to do for this weekend, but i need to get my lazy ass back in the gym again for sure. I've re-newed my membership today, it's been two weeks since the last time i went there, i've been using my friggin' twist board and dumbell at home instead. My right palm been so itchy today, it's usually a sign that i will receive some money but who in the world is gonna give me money now??..hmm..interesting! Anyway, just want to give a shout out for atid and aan yang udah jadi AE and go girls...success is on your way.....

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