NBA Draft

June 27, 2002

It was an emotional moment, full of tears of joy, lotsa proud looking moms and dads and family in the Madison square garden last night. So happy to see Caron Butler and Juan Dixon up there, shaking hands with David Stern..believe it or not… I was almost in tears..*huhu, emang kerjaannya terharu mlulu*. Don't know..i guess I just have so much respect for people who can finally achieved their dreams despite all of the problems they have gone through and stand back up after experiencing the lowest level of life. These two players were people with intense personal anguish and they are able to make it as a motivation to reach for the stars.

When he was a teenager, Caron Butler was a thug wannabe, carrying around drugs and gun and ended up in prison. Most of his gangs were shot and killed, he was the one left with a chance to do something about his life and he took his chance. His dad left him when he was 3 years old. He has two kids now, his 6 years old girl was injured in a car accident. That’s why re really needs the NBA cash for her therapy and medication. He’s from the ghetto, but he just signed a $4 million contract and ready to move to his new beach house down in South Beach Miami…woohooo. Now let’s just hope he won’t do his monkey dance again whenever he makes a shot, I hate it when he does that..:P

Now let's move on to Dixon....both of his parents were habitual drug users who caught HIV from dirty needles and died when he was in high school. I’m telling you..he didn’t have an easy childhood, in fact it had been a rough road for him. When he was a kid, he spent a lot of time sitting in the car for hours, waiting for his parents to finish their drug transactions. He was almost plunged to the same life as his parents…but he wanted to lead a clean life. Anyway, there’s a beautifully written article about him here

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