Another weekend recap

June 30, 2002

i went to grocery store yesterday and i was looking for a chocolate milk in the dairy section, but there was nothing that looked yummeeh, cuma ada nesquik and hershey chocolate milk, and then i said to my self.."coba ada susu ultra coklat disini yaaaah...". And you know what??...i went to global food this afternoon, and to my surprise, i found the susu ultra coklat that i was talking about in the indonesian aisle.....omg, i've never imagined in my wildest dream that they would have it there...soalnya emang udah sering kesana tapi nggak pernah ada....waahh seneng banget deh, ya udah langsung aja di's my all time fave milk. Udah tambah banyak aja makanan indonesia nya di global food, minuman2nya juga banyak, ada teh sosro kotak, ada teh kotak *yg bungkusnya warna coklat*, ada buavita lychee, sirsak, jambu...ada sari kacang ijo, ada minuman sari asem segala...huehe...i felt like i was inside a hero supermarket for a second there..

Anyway, i've jot down a to do list for today but nothing was accomplished. First I planned to go to platoscloset to sell out some of the stuff that i hardly wear, but i got there right when they just locked the door. Second, I planned to find the location of my new office, but i didn't write down the complete direction so we couldn't find it.. gotta go find it again tomorrow otherwise i'd come late on monday. The location is in an area called The Hills, not far from downtown, it's actually the little italy in here so italian flags are everywhere and italian rest. are in every corner. The third unaccomplished thing is I couldn't manage to go to the gym today...arggh, tomorrow is definitely a must, no excuse!!!.

I had an interview this afternoon..*thank you nduti for waiting in the car di siang bolong in the crazy summer for a full 2 hours...=)* . I thought i screwed up my interview hmm, but i must've done quite a good job..cause she told me to have a second interview right away. I noticed some candidates were sent home right after their first let's see if they're gonna offer me the job or not.

Oh by the way, remember that my right palm felt so itchy yesterday??...ternyata...i received my deposit back from ambassador hall...and it's a full refund..*woohooo* Just what i needed...

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