Strange phobias

June 20, 2002

Anyone have any strange phobias??

That is actually one of the topics that is discussed in mtv message board. I’m telling is filled with so many interesting people. Coba aja kalo di perhatiin satu satu phobia-nya orang orang itu…bener2 beraneka ragam. Masa siih ada yang takut sama oven and microwave?..huehehe…he swears god that he never uses both things.

Ada juga yang takut sama mushroom..and banana….what’s so scary about them anyway?. Truus..ada juga yang takut sama vacuum cleaner when it’s on…well I can understand this one, cause the noise is just plain annoying..tapi biasanya sih yang takut paling anak kecil aja.

Ada juga yah orang yang afraid of opening a door that is coming in towards him/her, jadi kalo pintu yg di dorong sih ok2 aja, but she would never open the door that she has to pull it, katanya takut aja gitu kalo tau tau ada orang yang dashing in her way and smash her hand or something. Selain itu, ada juga orang yang afraid being rude to the employees at fast food restaurants. I know it’s never a good thing to be rude to people but she has her own particular reason people.. she has this fear that when she’s not polite to the employee, she’s afraid that they will spit on her food or do something nasty to it… makes sense in a way though...

Ada juga yang lucu lagi…someone has a serious phobia of fish!!. she ain’t joking yo..cause she said that whenever she visits her friend who happens to have fish, they have to hide it first somewhere. She said that when she has kids in the future…they better not come to her face with that..”mommy, may I have a fish?”..cause the answer will be..HELL NO!!!… that’s funny..

Ehh tapi bukan itu aja…there are still a lot of strange phobias, and the one that I found really strange is..there’s some one who’s afraid of BANKS, yes yes yes…it’s the place where you do all your money transactions. Don’t you find it strange? I bet he had a really bad experience when he was in a bank or something. He said he hasn’t been inside a bank for years. I know we can use the one in the grocery store. but still you know..some transactions have to be done in the main office.

Hmm..trus..ada juga yang petrified of clown, I heard that one a lot …even P. Diddy is afraid of clown..huehe..*beneran tauuk*. Selain clown..ada juga yang can’t stand people in animal or character costumes..hmm..goodbye disneyworld aja kali ya buat mereka. Trus ada juga yang have a phobia of antique stores…don’t know why, but probably cause everything there looks old and have unknown history that makes it so spooky.

Selain itu semua, ada juga yang afraid of dandelions…huehe, she must hate spring so much, huh? Trus yang terakhir nih... nggak usah banyak2 yah cause it'll take up a lot of space if i list everything. Okay.. you know when you go to make like Pillsbury biscuits or muffin right? You have to peel the paper off slowly..and then it makes that huge POP noise when it’s open..??..this one person said that’s the scariest thing he ever experiences..hihi…

As far as for me, I don’t think I have a strange phobia..i know height terrifies me but I guess that’s a common thing. Oh..wait a minute...i think i do have one. I can’t stand to see a door that’s half open (or is it half shut?). Anyway, I just can’t stand has to be either all the way opened or all the way shut. Kesannya tuh kalo cuma kebuka sedikit kaya there's something/someone hides behind it. ..hiiiii..

Trusnya...ada satu lagi nih, I have what's called an obsessive compulsive disorder, it's a disorder when you feel like you have to check and recheck everything, like checking for the hundreds time whether you have locked the door or turned off the iron or not. Sometimes when i'm just leaving the house..i'll be like.."did i turn off the stove? how about the candle?"..and i'll be feeling uncomfortable...and it happens quite often. But mine is not that bad though..and i'm working on it. I've read a book about obsessive compulsive disorder...and hmm..let's just say that i feel so sorry for those people. There is this one person who sometimes feel like her teeth are not clean enough, so she keeps brushing her teeth again and again, like every ten minutes or so. There's a medication for severe cases you have to take meds daily.

So how about you??

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