April 30, 2003

i'm just killing time here..my class won't start in another 20 minutes where my group will do our presentation..it's about the wireless industry. i think we're in a good shape, i'm not even worry about it. The Research Paper is due tonight too..my topic is about online retailers branding and shopability and then..i'll have another presentation tomorrow for my database class, i'm building a database for a retail store ..*untuk denim departmentnya..critanya sih Old Navy cause i worked there last time, jadi tau dikit lah gimana sistem databasenya*..jadi basically yah bikin database buat suppliernya, buat employee, productnya, the store branch, etc2..udah gitu bukan bikin databasenya aja, tapi juga bikin queriesnya, reports, form and sub-form. sebenernya sih...not really that complicated when you have enough time to do it..my professor had given this since 2 months ago, but alas i just started it 2 days ago!!!..i don't like to call my self a proscrastinator actually...but i guess this just proves me that i am one...boohoooo. selain itu besok juga ada dua sql assignment yang due..but i'm done with those, tinggal projectnya aja nih yang harus di selesain, i think i'ma need a red bull tonight...haha..but when i walk out of class tomorrow night..i'll be done for the rest of the semester...wohooo..and if i don't take summer class, i'll have 3 free months till i have to touch a textbook again..s.w.e.e.t.

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