This just in

April 06, 2003

according to, tentara2 amerika itu skarang udah nggak menguasai baghdad airport lagi, dan katanya hundreds of american troops were killed in that airport battle, they crushed the coallition. a few malaysian online news and middle east online stated the same..tapi di tv tv sini nggak ada beritanya. hmm..jadi yang mana yang bener dong? tapi emang berita beritanya amerika susah di percaya juga sih...kebanyakan propaganda nya kayanya. hmm..bener nggak ya.....tapi mudah mudahan, apa yang di bilang bener deh..hooraayy...cmon iraqi people...fight for your country...fight till the last breath!!!!

okay, back to the final four, it's texas vs syracus.......syracuse is looking good right now, they are taking the lead and anthony is smiling ear to ear....

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