Not just another monday

April 01, 2003

drove dendre to work this morning, st louis downtown traffic was not as bad as usual...then i went to cypress village apt office to drop off the deposit payment. we're moving there this summer, a beautiful two bedrooms town house..YAY. went straight to school after that even though i didn't have class, but i had to do the SQL project and do some research, things that wouldn't be accomplished from home. stopped by at the international admission office to see gayla and give her the souvenirs that i brought from home, also stopped by at the career center, the financial aid office, etc. it was actually the first time i walked around campus during the day, my classes are at night and it's usually only a matter of getting to the class from the parking lot and hurry back to the parking lot as soon as the class dismissed. so it's quite refreshing

speaking of school, i got a lot of catching up to do, been a big time procrastinator since the semester started. i have strategic marketing management presentation next week and another one the next two weeks. blum lagi the SQL project, we need to present that one in class too. then there is the final exam, the research paper and the list goes on and on……

tadi waktu jemput dendre..di downtown ramee banget, ternyata lagi ada opening game nya Cardinals, pantesan orang orang pada pake baju merah semua. katanya setiap kali cardinals hit a homerun, di bunyiin petasan petasan yang se-downtown tuh bisa denger semua, sampe yang di dalem gedung juga..seru yah. dan ternyata Cardinals menang dong hari ini…hoooreeee...……berarti besok Taco di Taco Bell harganya cuma 35 cents…hihihi, emang begitu tradisinya disini setiap Cardinals menang…..6 tacos for 2 bucks??...that’s a good tummy would be happy tomorrow…

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