well well well

April 10, 2003

i think the discussion has gone way off of its original subject. it’s actually started as a healthy discussion between the people i’m familiar with. but too bad, some inconsiderate people bring their negative attire towards this that i really don’t appreciate it. maybe part of it is my fault, i didn’t think that some american wannabe might get offended with what i wrote..*LOL*..oh well...

anyway, with all due respect SOONER PRIDE…please…don’t invite any more of your friend here to support you in order to make you feel good or look good. it doesn’t matter to me how many people are agree with you. That was actually a pathetic attempt of you to do that cause that just shows how petty you are.

for MarchMadness, Yo’People and another passerby. first of all, it’s not appropriate for you to write in anyone’s comment box anonymously, much less flooding it with three different names, and why did you have to use different names for all of your posting anyway?? i don't appreciate you coming here with your smart ass attitude and act like it's your job to go around people’s blog and attacking other people and trying to belittle anyone who has different opinion with you. and in all seriousness, please…THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!!.....think before you blurted out your opinions, if you want to join the discussion FINE but put some effort into your mind and STAY ON THE TOPIC!!! no one’s talking about why the war happened and whether this illegal war is the right answer or not and what’s the motive behind it. the topic was about FREE PRESS, MEDIA PROPAGANDA and CENCORSHIP!!! Ergh, talk about learning disability!!!!

time to move on people, any more comment about this will be ignored or deleted. thank you.

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